Kwame Lillard

Posted: August 8, 2010 in All Posts, Kwame Lillard, People
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Kwame Lillard personifies the irrepressible spirit that defined the Nashville Movement, and is a life long advocate and activist for civil rights and the advancement of the Movement’s legacy. A devoted disciple of Jim Lawson and Kelly Miller Smith, he was significantly involved in the management of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee’s Nashville Movement offices, the Nashville sit-ins, and in the coordinating of the freedom rides and training of freedom riders. Kwame Lillard has challenged both Tennessee State University and the City of Nashville to remember their roots in the Movement, the recognition of the students of SNCC, and the City’s responsibility to advance the gains made possible by the Movement. His knowledge of the history of Tennessee State University, and the Nashville Movement remains an emotional recollection, and at the same time, his advocacy has taken on a currency that shows his equally genuine passion for the legacy of the Nashville Movement and his vision for the City of Nashville.

  1. Sharon Bobo says:

    A living was with a group from Jack Daniels in Lynchburg this past Friday and he was an excellent host.

  2. […] part of the event or drive yourself. We realize not everyone is able to easily walk the two miles. Kwame Lillard who was present for the original walk will orient us at the beginning. We'll start in St. Anselm's […]

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