The highly emotional Subway Sit-In

Posted: June 8, 2010 in All Posts, Day 2: Nashville, Nashville Sit Ins
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After we visited the Nasvville sit in sites it was time to break for lunch.

We stopped at a Subway and to our surprise Kwame and Rip  split us in two groups .

One group stayed outside – they were the police and the racists.

The other group stayed inside – we were advised to use the ‘non-violent resistance’ we are learning about. We held “whites only” and “coloreds only” signs.

Rip was with us inside, then Kwame and “the police’ came outside and we were advised to sit there and resist, while they re-enacted how they were treated.

I videotaped it and my hands were trembling the entire time. Although it lasted only 7 minutes it felt like an eternity – our tripmates were treated the same way the college students were treated in Nashville, being yelled at and having their books thrown on the floor, drinks thrown on their heads (Kwame used paper in a cup but the effect was the same), having their hair tugged and pulled while being taunted about their race.

I think that may be all that I am allowed to say, and it may be too much.

Because of the powerful  nature of this exercise, and the emotion it elicited – I was told not to post any photos or video.

Let’s just say I’ve changed.

  1. beah07 says:

    I know that there were some that thought this exercise was a little over the top and felt too uncomfortable to participate and frankly, had I known more about what was going on, I may have done the same thing. But I am glad that I did participate. It was a powerful illustration of how some people were being treated in our country. Americans harassing Americans…that’s smart. Even though I knew that no one in that room was going to hurt me, it was still a scary exercise. We had some folks that really made it realistic and although it was just a glimpse, I could get a feel for what those early, brave sit in participants went through.

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