Fifth Avenue North

Posted: June 6, 2010 in All Posts, Day 2: Nashville, Nashville Sit Ins
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In 1960, over 100 protestors converged on McLellan’s, Woolworth’s, Kress, and Walgreens to hold sit-ins at the segregated lunch counters. Rip Patton talked about the non-violent tactics used against segregation and how they articulated their plans. The participants of the sit-in had all participated in workshops by Rev. James Lawson. Lawson, while attending Vanderbilt Divinity School, studied the principles of non-violent resistance while working as a missionary in India.

Here are some shots of our group as we walked up Fifth Avenue North.

Nashville sit-ins

Freedom Riders 2010 head to Fifth Avenue North to remember the sit-ins in Nashville.

Lunch Counter Revisited

Lunch Counter Revisited: Freedom Riders 2010 stand and observe the places where the sit-ins in 1960 took place. Freedom Riders 2010 on Fifth Avenue North


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